Morning Thoughts


Krispy Kreme does make you feel better on a Friday morning when you’re still sick.. or really any morning.

We’re gearing up for a full weekend of campouts, spa nights, and spending lots of time with my littlest sister. That means today will be spent in bed (hopefully my last day in bed) trying to beat this bronchitis..

Are you having a better week than me? When I went to the doctor this morning it was my first time out of the house since Tuesday. Praying that I’m on the up and up!

Hey, and it’s FRIDAY!

Love, The Jaderstons


She Reads Truth {Open Your Bible}

I am home sick today.

It has been a frustrating few days fighting my body, trying to get better and failing. I thought on Sunday that I was on the mend. And then my back locked up and I couldn’t turn from side to side. And now as I sit on a heating pad trying to relax the muscles in my back and cough up nastiness… I realize that I probably should have relaxed a little bit more before thinking I was invincible.

And that’s all the life update you get for now because the I don’t want to share too many of the germs with the rest of the world.

But what I’m really here to talk about is this great little site that I stumbled upon (from another blogger) that I’ve really enjoyed these last two days. It’s called She Reads Truth and the series right now is “Open your Bible” (Click on photo to visit the site)


Like I said, I have really enjoyed it. If you’re struggling to find your quiet time, or struggling for some guidance on where to start, check it out!

I’m feeling encouraged in my quiet time. And I really hope you feel encouraged too!

Happy day!

Love, The Jaderstons


Happy Birthday Alfred!

Happy Birthday Alfred!

I’ve been telling people that Alfred is going to be three years old in September and as I laid in bed last night I actually thought about that and realized he’s only going to be two… Ha! Mike and I are only two years married and he was born after we got married – LOGIC.

So I’m sorry to those people that I lied to. Luckily most of them were strangers from the dog park.

Today is Alfred’s birthday! He’s two years old and very excited about it..


That picture was from a few weeks back when we celebrated Jake’s birthday. This picture is from today.


Aflie loves:
Going on long walks
Chewing up water bottles
Chasing flies
Laying in the sun
and taking long naps

Alfie hates:
All things spicy
Bath time
and getting brushed


Love, The Jaderstons