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And we’re off

In 11 hours I suppose…

I’ve been absent this week, mostly because we’ve been running around with our heads chopped off but also because I’ve been writing posts for these next two weeks that we’re in Wisconsin without an internet connection. It’s been a good week of craziness in prepping for camp and also some great family fun.

My mother in-law and my brother in-law had a birthday this week! On Wednesday night we all got together (minus my in-laws because they were traveling to camp) and celebrated them (in spirit and in person).

IMG_4869Honesty hour: I’m still wearing that same shirt… Thursday has been a whirlwind

IMG_4868Here is our sad pup in his birthday hat – no worries he perked back up once we took it off

I’m sure gonna miss Alfred. But that will get us entirely off topic…

We leave tomorrow morning! Our bags are “packed” and our car is full. We’re excited for two weeks away at camp. This is Mike and I’s fourth year spending two weeks together at Northern Pines and our third year being the directors of the 4th – 6th grade program.

IMG_4874IMG_4880Now I just need Mike to fill up the rest of those suitcases….

K BYE! I’ll be back (live in action) in 2.5 weeks! But no worries, I have some fun wedding posts planned for you while I’m away.

Love, The Jaderstons


Afternoon Thoughts

IMG_4863Don’t let these sweet innocent eyes deceive you for someone who wouldn’t find and eat an entire king size chocolate bar and proceed to barf all over the house at 1:30 in the morning.
It wasn’t pretty people – and that’s all I’m gonna say…

Love, The Jaderstons


We’re Still Alive

It’s day 4 of camp out at Westminster Woods with the Eastminster Middle School Students. We have had a blast out here this week. But I’ll be honest in saying that I’m ready to sleep in my own bed.

We have had Alfred out here with us this week. He is pretty hilarious out at camp because he is scared of almost all people so when the kids try to pet him he just cowards behind Mike or myself. It cracks us up. The kids get a little frustrated and are constantly saying “Alfred, I just want you to LOVE me!“. We’ve been overall very impressed with him though. He swam two afternoons and has been sleeping really well. We’re still working on getting him to eat his own food, but he is surviving. He is also very sleepy (as am I).


I have seen a little bit of wildlife out here this week. Meet Freddie the armadillo and Edward the mouse…

This morning we had an all camp nap time just before chapel and then it was TIME. But before it was time we had a great morning session with worship and then Neal (one of Mike’s summer interns) spoke on temptations.


Now, TIME needs a little backstory. All week we’ve been doing something silly as a staff. Mike would say to another staff person, “Is it time yet?” and the other staff person would reply, “No, it’s not time yet.”. We’ve probably made this little plug 50 times. Enough times to make the children very antsy in wanting to know what will happen when it actually is time.

Well this morning, as I said, it was TIME.


It has been a great week. Thank you for continued prayers for these kiddos and for our staff. We would also appreciate prayers for energy as we enter into the last night of camp. We are having extended late night worship tonight so prayers that the children would be deeply impacted by the Lord and that they would believe in Him are also needed.

Happy Thursday!


Love, The Jaderstons


We Made It!



For those who are wondering, we have made it safely out to camp for our week with the Eastminster Middle School students! We arrived around 5:00 and had everyone “in bed” by 11:30 which were records all around! After we made rounds we were able to sneak a peek at the brightest moon of the year? It was hearsay, but we were very very impressed. It was beautiful – especially bouncing off the lake.

I also wanted to send a quick shout out to our friends Nate and Lauren who got married last night. CONGRATS! I don’t have any photos of the bride and groom so I attached a photo of Mike and I celebrating them. The wedding was beautiful and the party was a blast!

Happy Sunday! (I mean Monday!) Now it’s my turn to sleep.

Love, The Jaderstons



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