Ultra Bright White Cabinets

We have made a big change in our little home in the last couple months.

It’s in our kitchen.

Here is our before…IMG_3651IMG_3654IMG_3656IMG_3658IMG_3659IMG_3661

When we bought this house I knew I wanted all of that oak to be white. If you’ve been following along then you know we painted our trim white last winter. Well this Fall we painted those cabinets white: ultra bright white!

And let me tell you, this is a project. Whoa. I still have a hard time believing that I did all of this painting on my own. Wowza. But I did learn how to use my husbands sander. That was fun.


I started by taking all the doors off and putting them aside. I wanted to make sure our kitchen was out of order for the least amount of time possible. So I just started with the cabinets themselves and did the doors later. I kept most of our stuff in the cabinets – except for the food.

Over a six day process I painted all of our cabinet boxes and all our cabinet doors.


So essentially what I am saying… I am a crazy person. But the result? SO GOOD.


Now I just need to find pulls that make my heart sing. I haven’t had much luck yet, but the internet has a forever endless array of possibilities, right?

What do you think? Have you ever painted your cabinets? Wasn’t it 10x harder than you expected?

Love, The Jaderstons


Fall Chalkboard

Fall Chalkboard

As promised, I’m keeping you updated about my decoration road block that’s happening in this house. Here is my update.

I bought my first new piece of decor this weekend!

It’s a chalkboard. It was on sale at Target.


Usually I don’t even look at the decor stuff at stores because I get so overwhelmed by all the different styles and I don’t know my style and it costs money…


But Saturday morning, I took a leap and found this cute little guy on SALE! I took the plunge and put it on a wall in our kitchen. (Enter wide-mouthed emoji here)


Also, do you see those beautiful white cabinets!??! I’m talking about those guys later this week. Eek! We love them and I cannot wait to show you the whole kitchen.

So that’s my update. I’m two nails and $23.99 closer to turning this house into a home with decorations on the walls.

Love, The Jaderstons


I Didn’t Want to Blog

I Didn’t Want to Blog

I didn’t want to blog this week.

I wasn’t feeling creative or excited about it.

I was also attempting to recover from bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection (rough times).

And we have spent this week with my littlest sister because my parents are on a week long getaway (luckies).

So this morning, I woke up determined to blog. I’ve never wanted blogging to be on my to do list because it’s something that I love to do – so it should just happen. But today, I need to get back to normal. This is day 14 of being sick. Yes, I am feeling much better, but I have a pretty serious cough that is still lingering and my energy levels are at about 70%. So my getting back to normal today was putting blogging on my to do list. Because when I blog, my day feels a little more normal. So, here I am!

When you’re sick you get a lot of time to sit and reflect. You also get a lot of time to spend on Pinterest and watch Netflix. So today, I’m looking forward from all my reflection time and making goals!
IMG_5139 - Version 2

1. Decorate my house!

We have one wall in our living room with something on it. I am not going to make this goal too lofty – like finish the whole thing, but I would like to add some fall decor and maybe finish another wall to make our house a little more homey.

2. 30 days of Hand Lettering

I have been learning calligraphy. This fall I would like to practice hand lettering at least 30 times. I plan on making something to mark off each day I practice. I really enjoy it, and now I want to improve!

3. Try new recipes

Cooking is not a strong suit of mine, but I wanna try to get better. I wanna try new soups, crockpot meals, and some fun fall recipes.

4. Organize, organize, organize!

I want to get some organization implemented in our home. The main thing on my mind is our basement and our 2nd bedroom. I also want to organize our paints and our home improvement tools/supplies.

And that’s it! My 4 goals that are attainable. And it starts on Saturday! I plan on sharing my progress every once in a while – like my hand lettering practice and any new recipes that I love.

Thanks for sticking with us!
Happy Thursday!

Love, The Jaderstons